Monday, July 02, 2012

Meatless Monday and other fun stuff to kick off the week

Another name change, yes and I am sticking with this one this time, because I said so! It describes how I feel these days and there is no end in sight.  I feel like the pace I keep these days is of it's own magnitude and although I like it, I am constantly looking for ways to increase "my time" that is time to do fun things in life.......

One way I plan to do that is by doing some of my grocery shopping on this new website!  My friends opened a new web based business.  It opened last week and I love the concept so I had to share.  to sum it up....They will run around to farms and local businesses to pick up all these organic fresh yummy goodies that you would normally have to go to 5+ different places to buy and for a small fee they will deliver them to you, what is better than that???  Check them out!!!

I also found this lovely little grocery/meal planning list

What is on the menu for Mandatory Meatless Monday you ask?

Grilled cheese and Vegi with a side of pasta salad - stay tuned for the recipe.

kid tested - tbd

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