Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting Creative and Having Fun

Exciting times, I am finding more time to do stuff I like to do now that Samuel is startign to enjoy playing on his own and taking naps YAY for naps.  I have learned how to use my Singer Fashion Mate sewing machine after nearly a year of it sitting on my table in the corner... I learned to make tu-tu's pictures to come my 6 yr old will get the first one.  I have been hitting up a farmers market each weekend and ordering from SoW Fresh organics so despite the fact that I did not plant a single thing this season I am still eating fresh and Friday nights dinner was a wonderful blend of all the goodies I collected at the Coventry Farmers Market,

This is a great way to get your greens and you can make it your own by choosing how you like your steak cooked, the type of lettuce and dressings you use, make this fun! I also like to lay the ingredients out and let the family assemble the salads themselves, makes it fun for the kids.

Market Fresh Salad

Makes about 4 servings

6C. organic farm fresh lettuce (2 varieties of your choice)

4 organic plum tomatoes quartered

2 C organic farm fresh green beans blanched and set aside

Marinated mushrooms - Norms Best (locally made Putnam, CT)

¼ c. Feta cheese

¼ c. Super Seedz (gourmet shelled pumpkin seeds sea salt variety)

1.5 lbs NY Sirloin grilled to your liking

Annie’s organic Goddess or Dressing of your choice

To assemble;

- Lay a bed of greens in each plate, around the perimeter of the plate place the tomatoes and marinate mushrooms.

- Top with green beans then steak and sprinkle with feta and pumpkin seeds

- Top with dressing of your choice!

Kid test – 7 out of 10 the little one loved everything but struggled with the lettuce, how do you get kids to eat lettuce?

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